Badania geotechniczne: badanie gruntow i wody oraz monitoring srodowiska
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On August 21,2017, Geological Enterprise POLGEOL S.A. merged with German HPC AG and HPC POLGEOL Spółka Akcyjna was established. HPC POLGEOL S.A. - has been acting on the market of geology, hydrogeology and environment protection all over Poland and abroad (Africa, Asia, Europe) for over half a century.

HPC POLGEOL S.A. offers services in the following fields:
  • Natural Environment Monitoring and Protection
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geothermal Water Energy
  • Engineering Geology
  • Geology of Mineral Resources
  • Geological Cartography
  • Laboratory Analyses
HPC POLGEOL S.A. has the permanent staff of total 60 employees and co-operates with many companies and institutions both home and abroad.

Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade Certification
Nr 270 / 2005
This Certificate is granted as evidence that management system of:
Warszawa, Polska (Poland)
complies with requirements of the Standard:
ISO 9001 : 2015
in the scope of:
  • comprehensive execution of services and research in the field of geology, environmental protection and engineering geology, hydrogeology, deposits geology, and laboratory tests in the field mentioned.

The Laboratory of HPC POLGEOL S.A. has been accredited by the Polish Accreditation Centre – the Accreditation Certificate No: AB 463.

HPC POLGEOL S.A. employs modern equipment, up-to-date technologies and software, processing the data from the Central Information Systems "MIDAS" and "BANK HYDRO" of the State Geological Institute is every day practice of POLGEOL's specialists

HPC POLGEOL S.A. - has been registered in the Central Consultancy Register for the PHARE and TACIS Programmes - dec. nr POL 199943 of 15.05.1995 as a company designed for the execution of PHARE projects in Poland.
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