Badania geotechniczne: badanie gruntow i wody oraz monitoring srodowiska
Scope of activity

1. Natural environment protection:
  • Reports on environment impact assessment
  • Natural environment monitoring
  • Environmental site assessments
  • Pointing out and inventory of sources of contamination
  • Computer prognoses of groundwater pollutant migration
  • Restoration of groundwater and soil contaminated with petroleum products
  • Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Designing and establishing protection zones for water-wells
  • Assessment of soil and groundwater contamination with heavy metals
  • Pro-ecological consultancy and advisory services related to the environment protection and groundwater management.
2. Hydrogeology:
  • Preparing programmes for hydrogeological investigation
  • Documenting groundwater resources
  • Designing and planning water-wells, siting of wells
  • Water-well completion, work-over of water-wells, technical assessments of water-wells
3. Geothermal water energy:
  • Making programmes of investigation and documenting geothermal water resources
  • Making designs of geothermal wells and supervision of well construction
  • Extracting geothermal water
4. Engineering geology:
  • Making programmes for and caring out of geotechnical investigation
  • Soil investigation for building, highway engineering and railway network purposes
5. Natural resources geology:
  • Prospecting for and documenting of all kinds of mineral deposits
  • Concessions-related consultancy and services aimed at obtaining concessions for mineral exploration and extraction of minerals
6. Geological cartography:
  • Complex compilation of geological maps, hydrological maps, etc.
7. Laboratory testing:
  • Complete laboratory analyses of water/groundwater, soil and minerals as well as various tests for environmental and geotechnical purposes
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Polska wersja  English version  French version
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